Friday, December 31, 2010


The last day of 2010. Highlights?

  • One of my students won the grade 1 strings scholarship at our local music festival.
  • Number 2 son bought his own car.
  • Many toad sightings - I figure that means we're living on a healthy lot. (That and we unintentionally built a toad trap when we added a basement entrance!)
  • My compost won 3rd place in the local fall fair. I didn't GROW much, but I'm pretty good at making things rot! :-)

Doesn't take much to excite me!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Twenty Eleven

Happy new year!  Happy new blog!

The raspberries (background) were picked in our back yard in July 2010.  They were delicious.

The cello (below) was made in Braeuningshof ueber Erlangen, (West) Germany, in 1970 by  Franz Kirschnek. Couldn't find any current pictures which show the cello well, so these are a few years old.  The bottom one shows the colour best - no flash.  Time to go practice.

Countdown to 2011!