Monday, October 28, 2013

A good year for apples!

The namesake of the blog didn't produce that well this year, but the Spartans are outstanding.
Well, that one was an anomaly, but the tree was heavily loaded with good sized apples.  More hours of baking ahead of me... Send your favourite recipes!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


He didn't think I would last more than a week, but for a month I have been dragging myself from bed and walking hubby to work!

Did I say walk? Hmm. Remember when speed-walking was in? Nah, we don't look quite like that, but it's no easy stroll. And he is quite impressed that I am keeping up to him on the hill. I have considered walking with him in the past, but knew I would slow him down. So those summer morning and evening up-the-hill-hikes paid off! I was up to the "active lifestyle" 10,000 steps a day in August, too, but fall's schedule, earlier sundown has cut me down to between 5 and 7,000. I'm trying to not think about winter.

Oh, okay, I did miss the day I had a morning medical appointment and a few days when we had contractors doing our floors...

FLOORS! Big improvement! The process was not fun as we had to move everything on the main floor, at least twice, and the vacuum got a major work-out. I think there was an entire cat's worth of fur under the fridge. (Did I say my back was getting better???)  There are a few little issues to be fixed still, but I am happy to report that the carpet has passed the first hairball test with flying colours! :-) (No pun intended, and thanks, Fido!) Is there food spilled on the kitchen floor? Who knows!

The flooring happened a month late, but August wast the month when things that were supposed to happen didn't and things that weren't supposed to happen did.

I sure hope paint is easier.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Flashback for my 70s friends! The best song from 1975. Bohemian Rhapsody for cello quartet. Not quite Queen, but, well, this IS a (mostly) cello blog!