Saturday, February 12, 2011

Raspberry Cello

I promised I would talk more about the name of the blog.  A lot of the blog is about the cello as a means of further supporting students and their parents, not to mention a slight obsession, so I thought it would be good to have that in the name.  But I figured I'd also be sharing about other goings on around here, and "Compost Cello" just didn't cut it. Raspberries are one thing I seem to be able to grow... I mean, really, I can't STOP their growing ... they moved in before we did!

Besides, Raspberry Cello sounds almost as good as Raspberry Jello! 
Bright, fun, yummy, naturally fat free... and - I can't eat that anymore - allergic to red dye #40.  The thing I didn't realize was that Raspberry Cello already existed - a liqueur!  I did google it to see if it was already being listed anywhere and I found "raspberry cello recipes".  I really thought it was funny that they would accidentally spell jello as cello!  :-)

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