Friday, April 29, 2011

Sicamous memories

It's a strange feeling, when the Stanley Cup is being broadcast on TV, and I hear the names of two preschoolers from our block in Sicamous.

Shea Weber lived a few doors up the street, and we caused many a delay-of-game ("CAR!") in his early career. Cody Franson's grandparents lived across our back fence. I think he had a stick in his hands as soon as he could walk, batting at a beach ball in their driveway.

Can you say 10,000 times?

The Flockharts were also from Sicamous. We thought that was why every other kid in town thought they would be hockey stars. Whatever the reason, maybe that belief really helped to ignite the fire and added to the early start (and 10,000 times), dedicated parents, and good coaching, and made it happen for some of them! (Kris Beech also became a professional player.)

(I hope no one is wondering why I'm putting a "music education" label on this post. But if you are, see my early February posts, "Making Playing Easier", parts 1 and 2)

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