Wednesday, September 7, 2011


September is a wonderful month. Warm days, cool nights, and new beginnings.

Some start the new year in January, but for me, September has always been much more of a new year, being so immersed in the September to June school year culture most of my life.  I especially loved the start of the school year when teaching my own children.  I am so glad I was able to start teaching cello lessons as soon as our home school years were over so I still had something to start new in September.  And not only am I excited about the start of cello lessons this month, I also have some of those "New Year's goals" (not resolutions) in other areas of my life. Another post, maybe. 

I've been preparing for the new cello year by reading - getting motivated, adding tools to my teaching "tool-chest" to hopefully make me a better teacher.

I've been reading these:
The Art of Cello Teaching (Gordon Epperson)
Back issues of The Suzuki Association of the Americas' Minijournal
Playing the String Game (Phyllis Young)
Sing a Song of Twinkle (Charlene Wilson)

And I've been re-reading portions of these:
Ability Development from Age Zero (S. Suzuki)
To Learn with Love (William and Constance Starr)
Helping Parents Practice (Edmund Sprunger)
[Ideas for] Teaching Suzuki Cello (Charlene Wilson)

I've also watched some DVDs:
Exploring the Bow Arm (Orlando Cole/Lynn Harrell)
Parents as Partners 2006 (Suzuki Association of the Americas)
Nurtured by Love -the life and work of Shinichi Suzuki

AND I've been in conversation with other music teachers.  I was hoping to attend the Suzuki Valhalla Institute to observe the experienced teachers there... maybe next year!  I did get to spend one morning at Campocello in Vernon, as well as attend their closing concert.

We used to do some of our home schooling outdoors on such nice September days - should we move our cello lessons outdoors, too?  Something to think about!

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