Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Easy christmas music for cello

One of the things I enjoy about teaching is finding new music for my students.

Last year we waited and waited for the new edition of Cello Time Christmas (Oxford) which included the play-along CD. In the end Christmas came before the books, but we were all set for this year! Those with violinists in the family purchased Fiddle Time Christmas, and several pieces in it(though not all) are compatible. There are also Viola Time and Piano accompaniment books also available.

This book is packed - 32 Christmas songs, and my students are loving it and practicing more than the assigned pieces. Some are duets and they are all at an easy level in first position. There are even open string duet parts on some so that absolute beginners can be included.

Just like the other books in the Cello Time series, the CD includes fun accompaniment with bass and drums, etc.

Check it out HERE.

A fortunate find last summer was Weihnachten im Barockstil (Christmas in Baroque Style) published by Dowani International. It is available for violin, flute, recorder... maybe more? But of course we are talking cello! My students haven't been introduced to this gem yet, but I know some will really like it.

This book features 11 Christmas songs, familiar to my German friends, and familiar to me from having a few European Christmas CDs, but refreshingly different from the usual Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, etc. North Americans will still recognize a few of these older pieces though, like Es ist Ein Ros' Entsprungen (Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming) and Stille Nacht (Silent Night).

These are the things I love about this book:
  • Includes keyboard accompaniment, Cello 1 and Cello 2 (Basso Continuo), and a play-along CD.
  • The CD includes three recordings for each piece: One recording of a performance - using baroque instruments (harpsichord, organ, viola da gamba) as well as cello, one recording at a slow learning tempo, and one is an accompaniment recording.
  • While the music isn't difficult (several can be played in first position), the 2nd part and accompaniment make it sound quite sophisticated and elegant.
  • Oh, and the German words are included on the keyboard accompaniment if you want to sing along.

Go take a look HERE!

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