Monday, December 5, 2011

The best excuse not to practice - or - Why my sink is full of dirty dishes

It's a mental debate I have with myself every evening after supper. Do I do the dishes and practice my cello later, or do I practice my cello and do the dishes later.

It may not sound like a serious issue. But you see, a cellist relies on having somewhat tough, calloused fingertips, and after having hands in the dishwater, you know what happens! Picture Madge in the Palmolive TV ads, "You're soaking in it!" (How, after 10 years, were these ladies still surprised that little dish had Palmolive in it?)

And, never quite sure how long after washing my hands they will be ready for the strings, I naturally choose cello first. Then, somehow, the thought that there are still dishes in the sink escapes me and becomes either an unpleasant surprise at bedtime, or a guilty feeling when I hear hubby rattling the pans.


  1. You probably don't like dish-gloves; another solution would be to do up as many dishes as possible as you go before dinner, then ask everyone to wash their own plate after dinner...personally, I like the dish sponge with the soap in the handle - great for dishes, not so much with pots and pans (but those need some soaking time anyway, right? J.R.

  2. Actually, we use the dishwasher for most things, but there are always those pots that need scrubbing and other things which don't go in the dishwasher. Soaking? I have found that the most good is done in the first few minutes - things really don't need to soak for an hour... or (as much as I'd like to believe it) overnight... :-). The sponge-on-a-stick things are good, but I use that in my right hand, and it's the left one which needs to stay dry. And no, they don't scrub the pots very well.