Friday, March 23, 2012

The Easter Bunny?

This little critter showed up on our street in early March.  Spotted him in our yard once, then didn't see him for a week. For the last week we've seen him in our yard - front or back or side - almost every day. Did he choose our place because we don't use weed-killer, or because we don't have any other outdoor animals?

He (?) is very cute, but rabbits are not native to our area, and we really hope he's a he and not an expecting she.  He may have been someone's pet, but he doesn't let us approach him, so it's more likely he escaped from someone who breeds rabbits for meat.   He is clever enough to find his way around the plywood which keeps the little neighbour dog from wiggling under our gate. Or possibly hitched a ride up from Kelowna's feral population.

First sighting in our yard
For now he's nibbling on grass and weeds and maple keys, but more tender vittles are due to be sprouting from the flower bed soon... If no one responds to the "found" poster, and if the SPCA doesn't trap bunnies, we may have to devise our own trap.  Any suggestions welcome.


  1. You asked about rabbits in our area. Didn't you know we are home to the jack-e-lope? All I've seen in our neighborhood are jack rabbits. Tall, long and lean with long upright ears. I enjoy spotting them ever once in a while hopping through the sage brush. I just heard a story about someone witnessing one being chased by a cat. It ran and hid, then when the cat was at just the right spot, it kicked the cat with both hind legs (very powerful) and the cat flew through the air quite a distance!. MB

  2. The Mountain Cottontail is supposed to be in Eastern Washington, too. Interesting story about the jack rabbit and the cat!