Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rick Hansen Relay - 25th year Anniversary

Son number two had the honor of being chosen to be a medal bearer in the Salmon Arm leg of the Rick Hansen Relay this morning.

I arrived just as he started down the hill for his 250 m portion of the run.

He runs in Salmon Arm a few times a week, but not usually with a flashing lights entourage!

...and not usually such a short distance.

Hand-off to fellow McDonald's representative

Team McDonald's with commemorative medals at City Hall
Awaiting the ceremony and arrival of the official medal.

Media interview
Salmon Arm "Difference Makers" medal bearers.

Team McDonald's with Ronald :-)
Check in at the official site later for more of today's pictures:

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  1. Well done, Brian! And the team. Love the yellow!