Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The cure for the common cold?

I am a believer!

Last month I came down with a doozy of a cold - shortly after son number one. It was recommended to me by someone who had a doctor recommend it to them.... to use home made nasal spray. I googled a recipe and found this: http://wholenewmom.com/whole-new-budget/how-to-make-your-own-saline-nose-wash/

The Neti Pot idea does not appeal, but a spray? Why not? I didn't have a proper nasal sprayer, so used a (well washed) spray bottle from my lens cleaner. A little awkward, but it worked.

The cold was still nasty, but it did seem to phase out pretty quickly after I started using the spray.

This was really much more convenient than my previous sure cure, "tear therapy", which required spending an entire day reading the saddest book I could find and resulted in puffy red eyes and a drippy (but not stuffy) nose.  The spray dripping down the back of the throat really does taste like tears, so I'm sure it works the same way.

A week or so ago son number one woke up all stuffed up. He'd had a sore throat for a few days he said, and now was coughing, etc. Here we go again! Sure enough, a few days later I had that scratchy, sore throat feeling. :-(

But I mixed up a new batch of the nasal spray and started using it right away, several times a day. I also gargled some - I always do that to try to wash out some of the nasty bugs when I am sick, and I think it helps. But THIS time... I had the sore throat for about four days, and a bit of swelling of the lymph nodes, but my nose never stuffed up at all, and today I feel completely well. Son number one is still coughing. Next time I'll chase him with the spray bottle before he so kindly shares!

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  1. One year update... I had the feeling I washed away a few sore throats over the year, but finally a bug got me this March. I was out of town when the throat warned me what was about to come - does a delay in "treatment" of an hour or two make a difference? I dunno.