Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Walkabout in March

"What exactly IS Walkabout? A Walkabout is an Australian journey for well-being, during which one seeks to clarify his/her life purpose. It is a time of reflection and to reconnect with family and community.

 "Our version of Walkabout is inspired by the Aussies, but we’re walking it out to improve both physical and mental well-being, and to create healthy habits over the course of 28 days. It takes that long to make a habit, doesn’t it? Or so they say!"

Remember my favourite sandals by Orthaheel? The company has changed its name to Vionic, and I have accepted their challenge to the 2014 28 day Walkabout to better health!

I was right - it was hard to keep up daily walking I started last year through the winter. Dark mornings (and afternoons), snow and ice, -19C... So December and January were pretty sporadic. February better, but not every day. We intended to go snowshoeing, but...

We started the walkabout daily walking yesterday. In six inches of snow. My walking was almost two hours of pushing snow in our driveway! Well, okay, some of that time was spent hunting for the key to the snowblower... Hubby was away. In the afternoon with the driveway almost dry he finally got my message. Had no idea our Sunday snow would amount to anything worthy of the snowblower. NOW I know where the key is stashed.

Today I did a proper walk - ~4400 steps in 45 minutes. A few flakes in the 2C. air. God bless the people who shoveled their sidewalks! I'll try to give daily or so updates in comments.

Yes, we started on Monday, but it's not to late to "jump in where you are" as Flylady would say. Join me!


  1. March 5: 30 minutes shoveling snow and 35 minutes walking. Walking in snow - I'm sure I burned more calories than on the hoped for spring day!

  2. 35 minutes 4063 steps. Thankful for waterproof boots and umbrella. Slushy in the rain!

  3. March 7: I only walked 25 minutes outside - knew I would be up and down stairs inside, feeding musicians in the evening. Over 5000 steps overall.

    March 8: 35 minutes. Over 5000 steps/day.

    March 9: 40 minutes. Over 5000 steps before supper. Sunshine! Most of the slush is gone.

  4. March 10: Two days is more than my memory holds. But I know I walked at least 35 minutes and had over 5000 steps.

    March 11: 40 minutes, over 5000 steps.

    March 12: 35 minutes in the morning with toque and mittens, 20 minutes in the late afternoon with no jacket! (15 C. and sunshine in Vernon!) Forgot the pedometer again, but with two walks and several errands including grocery shopping I would guess I made my 8000 for the day which is my new goal for days I can get out twice.

    March 13: 40 minutes so far.

  5. March 13, afternoon: only managed about 5 minutes before running into hubby on his way home, so about 10 minutes added. No pedometer.

    March 14: 30 minutes, ~ 4390 steps on the walk.

  6. 1x 30 minute walk, 1x 20 minute walk. Over 8000 steps overall by 7:00 PM (maybe a few more will be added if I go downstairs to get some ice cream...)

    Sign of spring - 10 robins... only 1 block south of our house!
    Sign that it's still winter - really wished I had worn long johns in the afternoon, so I did on my after-supper walk!

    Snow in the yard is receding, but there were fresh flakes at the top o' the hill in Salmon Arm today!

  7. 30 minutes, over 5000 steps overall.

  8. March 17, 18, 19: 30 - 40 minutes, between 5000 and 6000 every day.

    March 20: :-( did NOT get a walk in, other than an afternoon of shopping... That kind of walking didn't register much on the pedometer. Somewhere along the way I hurt my foot which prevented a walk when we got home. Thankfully, wearing my Orthaheel sandals all evening allowed my foot to recover. I think. Going out now to see ... :-)

  9. March 21: 35 minutes, over 5000 steps for the day
    March 22: 30 minutes and it is SNOWING! Pedometer fail. I know that 30 minutes and today's route is more than 1000 steps. :-/

  10. Ouch! A lazy day! Yes, we walked 30 minutes, but I didn't quite make 5000! :-( But hey, I did get some serious cello practice in.

  11. March 24 - 30 minutes plus yard work
    March 25 - 30 minutes plus yard work
    March 26, 27, 28 Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever... (anyone remember that ad?) Under a blanket more than on my feet.
    March 29 - 30 minutes plus yard work with a lesser degree of the above :-). Should easily be at 5000 by day's end. Not doing so well at my goal of working up to 8000 again on my "days off"!

  12. Day 28! Walked 30 minutes with hubby - training for back to school tomorrow! We also walked along with a couple squirrels! They were up one level, running along the telephone or cable lines - their own personal highway! The last bit of snow is melting in our yard and the crocuses dared to open a bit today! I posted "23 1/2 hours" to the Vionic timeline, and expect that will win me a pair of shoes. :-) I'll share it in a separate post here, too. 5647 steps.