Thursday, July 3, 2014

All packed!

Hallelujah!  The essentials fit in my suitcase.  Anything else is gravy. 

What?  You don't know what those are? 

Hoping a pipe in my suitcase doesn't raise too many alarm bells with the airline.  Since I'm flying, and don't want to buy two seats... oh yeah, that's right, Westjet doesn't allow cellos on board (see HERE)!  Since I'm flying, and don't have a flight case for checking my cello, I'm renting one at my destination.  But I can fit my own bow in the over-sized suitcase, in its protective tube.

And I can't take my physiotherapist with me, either.  This "Body Back Buddy" will have to do.  This and the tennis ball in a sock, which I still prefer for one particular spot.  If you're still confused - see HERE.

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