Saturday, November 22, 2014

Video of the week: Another Bach

Did you know there were more than one (or two, if you think Anna Magdelena might have written the Bach suites) of the Bach family who composed music?

Here is a cello concerto in A major by Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach, performed by Christophe Coin and Ensemble Baroque de Limoges. 

Note that it is a HIP performance.  Historically Informed Performance.  This means the musicians are trying to recreate the music as it would have originally been played.  For instance, the cello has gut strings (no fine tuners as they don't work with gut), no endpin (and so held differently), and take a look at that bow!  And if you had perfect pitch, you might notice that their A is lower than the A we tune to today.  I love the very Baroque looking ornaments on the cello's corners, too.  I don't know if the cello is truly that old, or only meant to look so.  Well, Wikipedia tells me he plays on "period instruments" so there you go!

Students: How was CPE Bach related to the more well known JS Bach?
And by the way, you may notice in your research that there were even more from the Bach family who composed!

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