Friday, January 16, 2015

Video of the Week: The Two Grenadiers by Schumann

Here is a good teacher demonstrating this piece from the Suzuki Book 2 repertoire, WITH ACCOMPANIMENT. For any of you doing regular listening to Suzuki repertoire via You Tube, please make sure there is a piano accompaniment so that you are also familiar with the harmonies, counter melodies, etc., as can also be heard on the CDs or iTunes downloads. And good quality speakers are a really good idea, too!  It's a good idea to run any regular (repeated) You Tube Suzuki listening by me, as there are some with mistakes.  Yes, even we teachers make mistakes! :-)

Students: Please come to your lesson prepared to tell a story for this piece(you may write it down if you like). You will probably need to listen several times (here or on your CD), unless this has already been on your daily listening for a while.

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