Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blue and black or white and gold?

Okay, folks, I need some help, here.  The idea was, a baby blanket. Well, several, as most of you know.   This yarn was part of the several large bags donated.  It took me a few days to figure out what would match the rust colour, and I'm happy with the mix, but I'm not convinced it's something today's parents would go for in their nursery. If I were selling it, my question would be answered, but for giving it away...would it be more suited for an older population?  

The colours on my screen here as viewed from my standing-at-the-counter position are a bit washed out... the rust and antique blue are a bit darker.  More true if I were sitting at eye-level with the screen.  But I think either way, they are close enough for your opinion on whether they are suitable for giving to parents of a newborn.
Fido likes it! (And knew he wasn't supposed to lie on it!)

The blanket measures 38" square, and is based on (Link)Bizzy Crochet's (gorgeous!) Faeries Baby Sampler (Elizabeth Mareno). I substituted the star centre from this (Link)Amazing Star Afghan pattern, and made a few other changes, as well as using different colours. It took me exactly a month to complete. 
I know my readers are pretty shy about leaving comments, but you can do so anonymously, or send me an email. I really need some feedback!  And please don't just tell me I should keep it for myself, I have another one started for me, already!

Maybe I should have instead stopped about here for a pillow?  (Hmm - wonder if there is enough left to...)

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  1. I love this design. Whether it's a baby blanket or adult afghan. Would make a great looking poncho too. Do you have a pattern available? I have a co-worker expecting a boy in a few months, this would make a great shower gift.

  2. Thank you, DeeDee. There are links in the post to the two patterns I used to make this. I didn't write anything out for my changes, Because my rows didn't line up with the rows of the Faeries Sampler, sometimes I had to fudge a little at the corners with stitch counts.

  3. Hi Barb, Thanks for commenting on my Cello Reflections Blog back in January. I will be updating that a bit more now. My practice planner has evolved even more and is a big factor in keeping me motivated. I enjoy your blog ... your crocheting is gorgeous!

  4. I think your afghan is beautiful but I agree I think it will be a lovely keepsake for someone older. Its not a traditional baby afghan but thats not uncommon these days .