Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Recycled Denim

My other sewn project which was entered in the fair was under the "Thrifty" category: "Useful item made from recycled denim."

I've been wanting to make a crocheting project basket... though I was collecting crochet patterns. But when I saw the one HERE, I decided that was it!  And it looked so simple... why buy the pattern?

Did you read about my apron!!??  Yes, there was ripping out and re-sewing, because I did things in the wrong order!  When I was sewing the reversible lining in, I had to ask son number two for help!  "I don't know anything about sewing!"  "Yes, but you're very good with spacial relations. How do I..."  "Oh, just turn it that way."  Simple, of course!  Oh, and we won't even talk about my math... circumference of a circle plus seam allowance... Oh! MINUS seam allowance.. Huh?  Whoops, I just did (talk about my math).  Hopefully I will remember to not ever try making a narrow strap with a heavy seam in it like that again.  Turning a narrow tube is hard enough with regular fabric, though You Tube does lend some hints!

Hey, did you know they make special sewing machine needles for heavy fabric like denim?  Thankful there were a few included with the sewing machine I inherited!

In the end, I'm pretty happy with this, though I didn't make the drawstring top, so it probably won't be going out with me much longer in the interest of keeping my yarn dry.  In keeping with the thrifty theme, not only did I recycle the denim from an old pair of jeans, but the fabric, trim, thread, and fleece between layers were all left over from a mid-80's project!

Happy also to win 2nd place out of three entries at the fair!  Maybe I will sew again.  After I forget...  For now, it's all put away.  Back to the hooks.

(Thanks, Mom, for the magazine!)

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