Thursday, May 5, 2016

Glue head!

I've been hearing about glue head amongst the other doll rescuers (#rescueddolls), and now I have had my first experience.  This Ever After High doll, purchased at our thrift store, came home with very waxy hair.

You can see how it separates at the roots with a very oily look.  It is not wet with water.

What to do?  A regular shampoo and conditioner didn't help.  I've heard of people using Goo Gone, but I didn't happen to have any of that.  Some people cut the hair out and re-root with new hair.  Too much work! YouTube said I could use baby powder, but the closest thing I had was corn starch. 

After the corn starch has been rubbed into the hair and had a chance to absorb the oily/waxy glue residue, it was washed again in cool water...
 ...and hung to dry.
The results?  Better, but not great.
Repeated the treatment.  Better yet, but still slightly oily.  No longer leaves a waxy feel on my fingers, so this might be as good as it gets in my hands. 

No longer separating and looking wet. 

What did I NOT do?  A boil wash.  Rumor has it that only melts the glue in the head and lets more seep out.  All washing was with cool water.


  1. Cool! How long did you leave the cornstarch in her hair? I have about ten or more dolls with this problem, including two Mexican My Scene dolls....and a TON of Monster High dolls.

  2. I think it was overnight, at least for one of the two treatments. Some people choose to remove the head and cut out all the hair and glue on their glue-head dolls before re-rooting or giving them wigs, but I am not that dedicated!