Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall Fair

Putting an entry in our Fall Fair gets one an exhibitor's weekend pass for the same price as one day admission.  And as a bonus, there is a chance to win a few dollars back, or a prize of some kind.  A few years ago (see my very first post on this blog) I entered compost and won a third prize.  I decided to enter three classes this year. 

One clean jar well-rotted compost

Carrot cake (frosted) small loaf-pan size

All white flower arrangement - greenery accepted

I really was surprised to get a first and two seconds!  My personal vote would have switched first/second on the flowers - I could not have argued if I had received third (there were only three entries), and I was disappointed with how my cake turned out.  There were four carrot cakes in all - no way for me to taste the others, but I made two cakes from my batter and tested one at home. The compost is probably the easiest class they have!  Only five entered, so it wasn't too hard to get a ribbon there, either.

I made note of a few other classes with few entries for next year.  :-) Might even branch into textile and needle arts division.

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