Thursday, September 27, 2012

Me and Joshua Bell

Wow, I have something in common with virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell!  We both played the same first instrument.  No, I'm not talking about violin.  Before that.

"When I was four, I was stringing rubber bands across my dresser drawers and plucking them to create different tensions and pitches, and trying to copy tunes I heard my mother play on the piano, and so...I don't know how it started but, I think it... I guess music was just sort of in my system and I was trying to find a way to play with it."

Well, I'm sure I wasn't copying any classical piano pieces. And I'm sure I didn't figure it out myself.  I think my brother inspired those early performances. Any family members want to weigh in? Who was the first to play the rubber bands stretched between dresser drawer knobs?

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