Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cello Mountain

Is it hard to learn to play the cello? Well, yes. And no. Is it hard to climb a mountain? If you stand at the foot and look at the peak, the whole picture looks rather daunting. But can you just take one step? Of course! That isn't so hard! Likewise, if we take small steps, learning the cello can be easy. There' not much intuitive about starting out, especially. You'll need a guide. A guide with a map. What if we see that big mountain and decide that's a long way, we'd better hurry up and get up there! Take off running! Well, pretty soon you'll be exhausted, maybe overwhelmed that even with all that energy expended, you didn't really get that much closer to the summit. You might even find that you are lost because you didn't take the time to follow the map. And if you're in such a hurry, there's that danger of tripping and falling off a narrow precipice. Yep, that can happen in cello studies, too. Let's not trip, one easy step at a time!

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