Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fairy Garden No. 2

A new class in our Fall Fair this year was fairy gardens!  What a good excuse to make another one!  No. 1 had become a little overgrown, and then there was the tomato plant which volunteered smack in the middle from the compost-soil. Yes, there is a tomato on the plant, too!  

 I looked at fairy gardens on Pinterest for inspiration... and figured I didn't stand a chance at WINNING anything, as I was not up to anything as elaborate as I found there!  But I knew I would have FUN creating, and that I did.

One sister donated a few fairy baskets into which I stuffed some dried flowers, and another came collecting with me in the woods. All three of us visited the thrift stores where we found the tray, strawberries, and an egg-cup bird-bath.  The fairy-on-a-swing herself, her critter friend and the pond-dish were earlier thrift store finds, and all featured in garden no. 1.  Husband donated the golf tee, and the glass shooter marble gazing ball came from a box of out-grown toys in our basement (idea from a sister). The pathway is a mix of pea gravel and beach collections of years gone by. A few old snail shells and some tiny fresh flowers in a floral water tube and it was complete. 

Lo and behold! A blue ribbon! But most of all, it WAS fun to make.  I hope my fairy is up for more fun next year!  

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