Friday, September 12, 2014

"Video" of the week: J. S. Bach

This week rather than watch, you will listen to a 5 minute radio program about Johann Sebastian Bach on "Classics for Kids".  CLICK HERE.  I'll bet even the adults will learn something interesting they didn't know before!  Take the three question quiz after listening and let me know how you did! 

There's also a link for listening to the Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, and an activity sheet for any interested.  I have played this, and let me tell you, sitting directly in front of piccolo trumpets is hard on the ears!  Much prefer some of the other Brandenburg Concertos.  Number 6 is cool - doesn't even have violins! Oh, I can't resist - I will post a video here, too.  Extra credit for watching either or both of these!  :-)

1 comment:

  1. Why do you think there are no violin parts in this one? Violinists on strike? Complain about too many notes? On a dare to give violas the melody?