Sunday, November 8, 2015

Video of the Week: Yo Yo Ma plays all 6 Bach Cello Suites

"Yo-Yo Ma plays the entire Six Unaccompanied Suites by Johann Sebastian Bach at the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall on the 5th of September, 2015. He played for nearly three hours. A truly remarkable performance. Hope you all enjoy it!"

Remarkable especially in light of the rumours that he has been experiencing back pain. Take a look at his new posture!  I know he had surgery for scoliosis when he was younger, and does not have the same mobility in his back that most of us do because of the implanted rod. (When you can play like Yo Yo, I'll let you lean back in your chair!!)

No video, just audio, but turn up your speakers and close your eyes (or follow along on a score...)!

Students:  The pros always make this sound so easy.  We will first encounter the Suites with the Minuets from the first suite in late Suzuki book 4, if that gives you any idea.  Most teachers these days prefer the Baerenreiter edition if you are so tempted to purchase it before you are really ready...if you want to start previewing with pizzicato maybe?? :-) 
Student Q's: How many movements are in each suite? When does the audience first clap at this performance?  And the second time?

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