Monday, November 23, 2015

Warm necks here!

Okay crochet-a-long peoples, enough cowls, methinks!  If I'd known what the patterns would be in advance, I probably wouldn't have made more than one of the early versions...  Well, I probably will make at least one more of those really cushy chunky yarn ones... place your order here!

Last week's project was the Starry Night Luscious Cowl (pattern HERE).  It so happened I had seen this sparkly Red Heart  "Shimmer" yarn on clearance recently in black and white... had to go back and ... yes, I FED my stash during the stash-down. Shame on me.  But it IS a pretty yarn, no?

If you make this scarf, I would suggest adding on more group of stitches to end with 42 posts, not 41, if you plan to add the embellishment chain and want to weave it in the posts evenly by 3s or 2s.  I did the over/under/under pattern - except where I had only one left to go under...

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