Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Crafties and Cello Too

Christmas... Between crafts and music I've been pretty busy!  Happy that the latest CAL projects have been small ones!  Here is my "Holly in the Snow Cup Cozy", and the white Christmas tree which I've been putting off finishing...  I have the beads which will serve as decorations, just not looking forward to sewing them on!  Don't be surprised if I decide an un-decorated tree, save the ribbons on top, will suffice for this year!  Sorry the top is chopped off - I was really focusing on the cup cozy, as that's the one I need to post to enter for the CAL giveaway.

The pattern for "Holly in the Snow" is HERE.

The tree was based on the pattern HERE, though I made the boughs more like the ruffles on the scarf pattern HERE.  And my tree did NOT reach 12 " as the pattern stated... In order to even get this size, I had to stretch it over a styrofoam cone.

After the dress rehearsal for Saturday's concert with Gratiela Friday evening (here we are minus the "voice of an angel" soloist)...

 ...I rushed over to our church to arrive in time for the craft portion of Ladies' Night (and too many goodies.. my November sugar fast is definitely over!).  I chose to make the mason jar luminary.  A small stemmed glass was already glued into the mason jars for us.  There were several options for decorating, and I chose the glittery frosted look achieved by painting the jar with Mod Podge and sprinkling with Epsom salts.  I chose my ribbons and do-dads to tie on, and then it was sprayed with a fixative to protect the salts.  Last step was to drop a battery operated "candle" in.  Voila!

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