Friday, February 19, 2016

An experiment in doll clothes

This was a kind of crazy idea for dressing a Bratz doll (make-under yet to come)!  I wanted to make her some tights from a sock.  Hmm.  I remember seeing how to make a sweater from a sock, too!  This one seems big enough for an all-in-one body suit!
First I cut slits for the arms.

Then the legs.

It's a little awkward around the hips...  Oh, and a piece I cut off makes an ear warmer!
Did anyone notice I forgot to turn things inside out before pinning?  Oh well.  I also sewed an angle across the shoulders to close up the neck line somewhat, while leaving it wide enough to pull on over the hips. 
And here she is.  Skirt (and feet) to come.  I zig zag finished the edges of the ear warmer, which stretched it a bit.  No longer as good a fit.  I wouldn't recommend making an outfit like this for a small child's doll as it's a bit tight and difficult to get the fingers to the ends of the sleeves without the fingers snagging.  Unless you really enjoy tugging the clothes on and off for your child, or she is one who likes to leave one outfit on her doll. I didn't think it was worth attempting to finish the ends of legs and sleeves.

Next time, the sweater and tights will be in two pieces!

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