Sunday, February 7, 2016

Video of the Week: Moon Over the Ruined Castle

Moon Over the Ruined Castle is a "Tonalization" piece in the Suzuki cello repertoire.  It appears first in book 2, introducing the backwards extension fingering, then in book 3 for playing in 3rd position, and later in book 3 in a new key for fourth position.  It is not included in the Suzuki CDs, however. 

I would like my students (those ready for backward extensions and/or 3rd position) to perform this as a group this spring!

So here is a lovely arrangement, apparently performed by Yo Yo Ma (there is little information on the YouTube - if anyone can confirm and let me know where this recording is from...)

Students: Tell me something about the composer, R. Taki OR make a drawing or painting to accompany this piece.

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