Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rescuing two more

While the first two dolls are not quite finished (I don't yet have the right stuff to make feet/shoes - our silicone is silicone II, which, according to the experts, doesn't work, and I need to buy some matte varnish for the faces), I thought it was time to see if there were more girls awaiting adoption at the thrift stores...  Here are three and four. One, complete with tattoos!

The first thing they needed was a good soak.

I've found a good resource and some like-minded folks for help in the Facebook group "Rescued Dolls", and invite you to join us if you are also doing this (From the site: *RESCUING has multiple meanings here. We will rescue dolls from the landfill by cleaning and restoring dolls to their former glory or to our own artist style THAT IS SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. We rescue dolls from provocative, adult-like appearances for the sake of the young audience we entertain and support. Many times you will find a combination of the two ideals stated. ).

I'll be focusing on clothing until I get a smaller paint brush and the right materials for feet.  And maybe give these girls a little place to relax and hang out while they are here. 

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