Sunday, February 7, 2016

We can't go anywhere yet!

Personalities are emerging... 
I was absolutely right that my hand isn't steady enough anymore for even lines, and I was working with old paint... not sure how much that came into it... and yes, I really should have gotten a 00 or a 000 paint brush. I thought the 0 looked plenty small in the store!  I considered picking an out of focus shot to display to soften my "skills"...  but here you have it.  Imperfect, but so are real faces, no? :-)

The dress and sweater are crocheted (no pattern... yet), and the skirt is made from the edge of a pillow case with an elastic waist.

Even though they can see now, their hair is somewhat under control, and they are no longer naked...
They are still waiting for feet!  My first attempt at "oogoo" boots with acrylic/latex/silicone calk was not very successful.  I'll try again with straight silicone calk, hoping what we have is the "right kind" to make boots/shoes like this (DIY video).


  1. Fantastic! Great Job! Talk about talent! Which did you do first? The blonde looks perfect! The brunette looks more real because she is more imperfect...and more lovable b/c she looks humble about herself :)

  2. Thank you! I painted both the same day, the blonde first-ish. Not perfect if you look too closely! :-)