Saturday, February 13, 2016

The crazy doll lady, or second childhood?

I learned that I can make a shoe mold for Bratz dolls by using part of one of the original shoes.  Hopefully I'll find that link again and be able to share it here once I get into that project. 

But it meant another trip to the thrift stores to hunt down a shoe or two.  I thought I might find some shoes in the doll clothing bin, since the dolls to date have all come shoe-less and nekked.  No such luck, though I decided to take some brushes to go with the dolls to their next home. 

I was thinking, too, about the little Bratz baby I left behind the last time... maybe she needed me, too...  So over to the doll bin.  Thankfully, the baby has already found a new home!  And, well, look, I found some shoes! 

I pointed out to hubby that the dolls (and brushes) are only 25 cents each at the churches' thrift store.  Not mentioning the paintbrush(es), the silicone - we had the wrong kind, the yellow duct tape (stay tuned).  But the cost is not what worries him.  I was just reading on a facebook page about another doll rescuer having to take bins of dolls out to the barn, as there was no more room in the house... 

Here are my girls hanging out together, in various states of reform.  At least they are finally all clothed.  :-)
You can see my first attempt at boots that didn't really work - but are acting as stand-ins for now. 
The little girl is a Perfekta doll from my childhood.  She needs some cleaning up, and a little surgery on the compound fracture at her wrist, but I don't plan to give her a face lift.  She's only holding one shoe, because she lost the other a long time ago.  Maybe she will get a new pair of shoes if I can figure that out, but at least she has feet.

I thought this stack of quilting fabric looked like a great thrift store find for doll clothes!  I had a small supply of scraps to use, but now ...!!  (And, yes, I found more yarn, too... because, more doll sweaters!)

You can see above two of the "Charming Dresses" I made with the free pattern from  "Charming" partly because they can be made from a quilting charm!  I just love that they are reversible!  I still need to add Velcro to the back, but here you can see the other side of the dresses.  I made one a bit longer and added some more flare to the skirt portion - just because there was room in the fabric squares. Should I add some lace or something at the bottom or leave them plain? I'm leaning towards the clean, simple look. But haven't looked in my trims basket yet.
I had a little trouble with zig-zag stitching the elastic (remember, me, sewing machines?), so I made a casing instead. Oh, okay, here's a closer shot of the other side.
I'm curious if Mom or sisters know either of the fabrics on the blonde.  They came from Ohio Street.


  1. I am enjoying watching your new found hobby! Yes! I recognized the blue gingham right away and on closer look the other fabric too. I didn't wear either, I think Mom did, at least the second one. I think we had other doll clothes from the gingham. M.

    1. I didn't remember the blue gingham - or rather, what was made with it. Yes, I think maybe Mom had a blouse with the other fabric. She doesn't remember either, but thought she may have used them for Janice when she first went off to college. Hmm. Maybe that floral blouse was Janice's...

  2. I always knew that little doll was yours and was made for you because I thought she kinda looked like you as a little girl. M.

    1. Also, love your title for this post :)

    2. I liked that she was a girl closer to my age in appearance than any baby doll or Barbie. And that she could tilt her head - as can the Bratz dolls! One reason for repainting them with a younger look, too.