Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bratz Doll Makeunders

I absolutely LOVE the made-under Tree Change Dolls (, both for the idea of recycling footless dolls found in thrift stores and for the idea of making the dolls look more like the little girls who play with them.  Their outfits are so cute, too!

So when I saw a few of these dolls orphaned in one of our own shops, I thought I would give it a try!  Here are the two I brought home:
Oh, that hair needs taming!  Google helped me find that the black haired (and legged?!) doll is a Bratz unleash your passion "Jade"... and this is what she would have looked like originally (from

I'm a little nervous about re-painting the faces.  My hand isn't that steady anymore, and I'm not the artist that Sonia Singh is!  I'm guessing my acrylic paints have all dried up after so many years, and I'm sure I don't have the 00 or 000 paintbrush or whatever it is she recommends (I can just see me spending .50 on the doll and $5 on a paintbrush...???  I have no idea what they cost.)  Maybe I will start with the wardrobe.

Speaking of wardrobe! There are several DIY make-under videos by Sonia on YouTube which I was looking for when I found one on caring for frizzy haired dolls... and that fellow had a "spa robe" for his dolls to wear while having their hair done!  (Yeah, I said "fellow" and "his".  No judgments here.) Jade and her friend here will not be quite that pampered. But I do want to get that hair under control!  Anyone have a doll brush?


  1. Doll brush, nothing! That head of hair needed a full regular human brush! I'm glad I found that video on defrizzing - She definitely needs the treatment!

  2. I have a doll brush from American Girl dolls. The last package I sent was over 3 weeks to get to you though.

  3. I love the Tree Change Dolls too! I am glad you are trying it! My last comment disappeared...I have an American Girls doll brush.

  4. Thank you, but I found one I don't use which works well here. I'm sure a doll brush would take forever to get through that mane!