Sunday, January 10, 2016

Last minute 2015 Stashdown CAL projects

I've done a few more items which I need to post to enter in the CAL draw, deadline tomorrow.

Another "Not Quite a Slouchy Hat" (pattern HERE). I repeated round 7's pattern, rather than reverse it for round 8, in order to make it swirl.
A few more cowls based on the Whimsical Sashay Cowl (pattern HERE).
 I decided to work the green/black one in the round rather than turning for each round.  But in the end, decided I like the look of  the front and back of stitches in the original pattern like this white and pink one.
I only had a little of the pink left, which I doubled with the same DK weight yarn I used in my first W.S. Cowl, and one small skein of white "Craft and Rug" yarn, which I doubled with this DK "Raydiant", inherited from my mother-in-law (who loved to shop at Eaton's!).
 I used the same yarn with the green in my first W.S. Cowl, which made a very nice texture, but I like the way the subtle colours are seen with the white.  A bit hard to see here.
The first time I finished this, I was about three stitches short of white to be able to finish the last round.  So I frogged it and tried tighter stitches.  Okay, now I was ONE stitch short!  Argh!  So I frogged TWO rows and stitched them both tighter.  Somehow, then, I ended up with about 10 extra stitches worth of yarn!  I still have more of the Lady Fair "Raydiant"... curious how it would look worked up on its own. 

2016 Stashdown begins tomorrow!!  This year it begins with one pattern per month until the fall, when, again, there will be a weekly schedule. If you're interested in joining, HERE is more information!  There is no requirement to make every pattern, I just got a little obsessive about it for this year's 15 patterns! :-)

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