Friday, January 1, 2016

Video of the Week: Pavarotti sings Schubert Wiegenlied

We can learn a lot by listening to SONGS we learn on the cello being SUNG by SINGERS!  Everything we play is not a song... but those things meant to be sung are songs, and we should likewise sing them on our cellos.  Here is one example of a song we learn at the beginning of Suzuki book 3. 
We know it by the French, "Berceuse".  "Wiegenlied" (VEE-gun-leed) is the German word for lullaby.

Here is one example of how it is sung - maybe when the baby you're singing to is at the back of the cathedral?  :-)

You might like to look up examples of other singers as well.

This is the best cello video I found with the arrangement we play. What does she do to "sing" with her cello?

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