Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Doll spa

Today, I tried the boil wash on Jade's hair.  Here are a few pictures of our progress...

 Dry, there is no way to fit all that hair into the bowl!
 Filled the bowl with boiling water and dipped and brushed, dipped and brushed.  Soaked and brushed. Boiled more water and repeated.
Slightly tamer, but still curly with frizz.
 Added conditioner.  And more conditioner.  And more.  Brushed, combed.  Rinsed.
Starting to dry.  Still a lot of frizz at the ends.  Might try some more product in the ends, or... maybe a trim!  There's enough to spare, as it reaches her knees!  But even with frizzy ends - big improvement, I think!

She has a dress now!  Waiting for daylight for her next photo-shoot, though.

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