Friday, January 22, 2016

It Needs a Name

My third hat using the pattern found HERE... but this one needs a gender-neutral name...

I've had the print and the green yarn in my stash for a while... and just finally realized they are coordinates!  Only scraps left of each now!  The only change to the pattern this time is one added row of double crochet at the bottom for a bit more length.

What would you call this one?


  1. Brambleberry Topper (though it would be fun to call a hat the brambleberet which would need a slouchier look)

  2. Thank you, Anonymous! Clever play on words... might save it for another one! Other suggestions and thoughts of mine so far: Nature Walk, Toboggan Run, Snowflake Hill, Over the River and Through the Woods...

  3. How about Into the Woods or Log Cabin? I like Brambleberry,but for one that has a berry color. Actually I vote for Nature Walk.